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Raising your home’s value can be a nightmare. Did you ever see the classic movie, Money Pit? That may be a perfect example of how-not to go about remodeling your home. Different people have different ideas as to what can be good for their home, and while intentions may be good, the results can be disastrous and lead to a loss in your home’s value. We’ll go through some rules here, both things to do and things not to do, when it comes to increasing the worth of your home.

Common Mistakes

1) You don’t want to over-do it. Unless you are living in a wealthy neighborhood where home shoppers are looking for that crystal swan in the pool, keep it simple. Many people will invest nearly a third percentage of their house’s worth on a pool. This kind of mentality keeps prospective buyers far away, as they are probably looking for something more similar to the neighborhood’s average price.

2) Keep it even. Don’t dump all of your money into the kitchen and leave the rest of the house un-touched. A nice kitchen is nice but a house with continuity has the kind of flow and evenness people appreciate.

3) If you are ambitious, don’t add a room in an illogical place. For example, a nice, new bathroom may not go over well in the kitchen. Maybe you don’t want to build that extra bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom. Be considerate when you are planning on expanding the floor plan.

4) Be smart about it. We all want to take control from time to time, but maybe you aren’t the expert at installing new toilets that you thought you were. If you do not possess the skills, do not try and re-model your home yourself. You can end up having to hire a professionals just to fix everything, or maybe it just won’t look good.

5) Don’t get too trendy, either. Sometimes trends come, and then we are all relieved to see them in the rear view mirror. You could take the 1980s as an example, or maybe, more easily, imagine painted suns became popular for kitchens. It wouldn’t be surprising if painted suns went entirely out of style in a year’s time and you’d feel silly, what with this huge painted sun in your kitchen, the realization coming to you now that this was not a great idea.

What You Should Do

1) Get a pro in there. If you can get someone to check your home and tell you what you need, by all means, do it. It may be worth a fee in order to get some insider tips and leads.

2) Be thorough and inspect the entire home. You don’t want home shoppers to come across a patch of mold behind the water heater. Again, this might be an area where a professional inspector could come in and give you peace of mind.

3) This is your home, find your inspiration. You can look through magazines or on the internet for different ideas you might want to implement in your own setup, giving your home a flair you might need.

4) Consider the mental game in increasing the value of your home. A freshly painted house can go a long way, as we all feel fresh paint gives that kind of new and lustrous look. Be smart when selecting paints, though. Choose more neutral colors, and generally play it safe. Don’t go for that neon-green bedroom you’ve been dreaming of.

Mike Henry has been involved in the real estate industry for over fifteen years. For more information on home valuation, please visit http://southfloridakwrealty.com.

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