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A renovated garden can make your entire house look like new, but if you’re not the type who wants to spend hours a week rooting around in the dirt with plants, then an actual garden isn’t really for you. Luckily, there are hundreds of different ways to decorate a garden without planting flowers or vegetables, and many of them are actually economical. The following include a few low-maintenance ideas for your garden.

Stone Patio

A patio can make a world of difference to the look and feel of a garden while providing a place for barbecues and outdoor reading in the winter, and an easy to maintain centre of your garden year round. While stone is more expensive than wood, it is easier to maintain, is more durable, and lasts longer, making it the better choice. Consider manufactured stone rather than genuine, as prices are often as low as 6 pounds per square metre, making it more affordable than some wood. Getting quotes from different installation companies to find the best deal can also help you keep your budget low.

Perennial Wildflowers

If you do not mind having overgrown flower boxes, then you could cut down on the need to weed and replant by choosing perennial wild flowers. These flowers grow thick and often look best with a range of other plants, so most weeds will fit right in. Wild flowers grow in most types of soil, including poorly fertilised and poorly irrigated soil, meaning that they require less care than other flowers. Great options include Birdsfoot, Iris flowers, Yarrow, Wood Aven, Marjoram, Nettle, and many more. Usually you should look for a mix of wild flower seeds that are suitable for your particular soil.

Woodchip Paths

Woodchip paths offer home owners an inexpensive way to outline paths in their garden without spending the money on stonework. Woodchips are cost effective, easy to keep in place, and keep any grass or dirt from showing through. They look nice in a range of settings including traditional, rustic, and chic garden designs and look good with log, rock, and even cement borders. If woodchips are not quite your thing, you can always spend a little bit more and go with gravel instead.

Evergreen Bushes and Shrubs

Every garden should have plants but if you are not into maintaining your garden then you should consider evergreens as a perfect alternative. Evergreens offer many benefits including that they are green year round, require very little attention, and don’t usually shed leaves everywhere. Acuba, most types of Euonymus, many types of holly, pittosporum tenuifolium, and Hebe are all beautiful, non-traditional evergreen bushes that you can consider for your garden. However, you can also try going to a local nursery and asking about specific plants that do well in your area.

There are hundreds of ways that you can customise your garden, and they don’t have to be difficult to maintain, or expensive. You should consider what you have to spend first, and then choose ideas that fit your personal style, needs, and budget. From there, it is relatively easy to choose low-maintenance additions to your garden.

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