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The kitchen is considered by most people these days to be the heart of the home. It is as normal for a house party to end up with everyone congregating in the kitchen drink in hand, as it would be for a patio, lounge, or other normal meeting spot in a household. The decor you have in your kitchen is largely a reflection of who you are. Considering the prominence this room plays in the house, you should probably put some thought into it.

Make things spicy with a splash of red.

There are few colors that make as bold of a statement as the color red. It is a color that project heat, spice, and movement. It makes a strong impact and fits in quite nicely with a modern styled kitchen. For some, going all red might be a bit much, but there are other options. Try painting a single wall red as a color splash. Add red accents to the kitchen through other decorations. If a bright red is bolder than you want to go, try a more muted color like a nice burgundy.

Refresh your kitchen with clean white.

White is a very classic color for a kitchen. It is a no nonsense one that is very easy to work with. The color will fade into the background of the kitchen, so mix and matching various decorations and appliances become relatively easy. It is also a very inoffensive color, so you will never have to worry about a person coming out with an extreme negative reaction.

Turn heads with black.

Black is a color that is under utilized in kitchens, but when done right it is a true showstopper. With some black splashes in the right places you can turn your kitchen into a permanent black tie affair. Nothing screams luxury like a well appointed kitchen that is dressed in black. Decor like stainless steel, gorgeous mirrors, and candles will all fit in quite nicely in this luxuriously themed kitchen.

Let the sun shine in with a yellow kitchen.

Yellow is the color of warmth. It creates feelings of grandma baking cookies on a warm Sunday afternoon. It is welcoming and invites you in to enjoy a lovely cup of tea and simply relax. The lightness of the color will take a small space and make it feel much larger. This is a wonderful color choice if you want to make your home feel open and friendly.

Go a little vintage with blue.

Blue is an incredibly versatile color. You can use pastels and pale blues to create a truly vintage affair in your kitchen or use bold blues like cobalt to create a more contemporary feel. By layering shades of blue together you can create a room with a tremendous amount of visual interest. From simple to assertive there is a tremendous emotional range you can reach with this color.

Bring the outdoors in with green.

For a relaxed lover of nature there is possibly no better color choice than green. It is a refreshing color that comes in a tremendous number of earth shades allowing you to create unlimited effects. It pairs nicely with traditional wood cabinetry, or can fit in perfectly well with modern chrome or steel appliances. It is a truly versatile color.

Shake things up with purple.

It would not be a stretch to say that purple is a party color. It is a color for people that want to be right in the thick of things laughing the loudest and having the most fun. It is a lovely shade to pair with other accent colors. It can be limited to a single wall and still make a tremendous impact upon the feel of the kitchen. The power of this color makes it more suitable for a larger space as it could dominate a small one.

Ready to start?

You do not have to make your color choice all in one go. Get some testers and paint some color splashes to see which style really appeals to you. You never know what you will find out! If you’re mad about your kitchen, check out these fun kitchen facts you might surprise yourself with.

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